Central Team

Our Trust’s Central Services Team provide support to our schools in school improvement and their core business functions. 


It is widely recognised that outstanding schools are supported by outstanding governance. Our Governance team work with our Trustees and Members to ensure they provide strong support and challenge to our Executive Leadership Team. Maintaining oversight of both regulatory and internal governance documents to ensure work schedules remain both compliant and proactive for the schools in the trust.
Mrs Michelle Falconer

Governance Professional

Trust Improvement

Our TRIP team (TRust ImProvement) focuses on the Trust’s mission to provide outstanding education to our communities, and provides strategic leadership in ensuring sustained trust improvement. Working with the Executive Leadership Team across the Trust to establish a culture of continuous improvement and high expectations of all stakeholders.
Mr Craig Follett

Senior Trust Improvement Lead

Miss Lianne Knibb

Trust Improvement Lead

Mrs Shelley Millward

Executive Assistant

Mrs Nicole Taylor – Trust Improvement Lead
Mrs Robyn Penrose – Trust Improvement Lead

HR & Payroll

As a team our HR specialists support our schools in human resources strategy to ensure fit for purpose organisational structures within our schools. We focus on applying HR principles and practises in our support to schools, which allows them to develop and monitor their own effective HR systems and processes, ensuring consistency and fairness to all staff whilst meeting statutory and legal standards. We assist our schools with all personnel related tasks, and ensure that payroll information is collated and inputted accurately.

We wholly support the Trust’s mission, vision and values, nurturing and supporting people and empowering students through staff to be active participants in learning.
Mrs Jodie Winter

HR Manager


Encompassing all areas of site related compliance and improvement our Operations team support our site teams in ensuring our environments remain safe and pleasant environments for all our users.  Working with the finance and site teams we coordinate and manage project works, from Capital Improvement Funding to large scale school building refurbishment works.

Mrs Laura Keam

Operations Manager

Mr Chris Burnett

Operations Assistant


The Central Finance Team provide management and budgetary information to our schools Headteachers and Executive Leadership Team to ensure that the best decisions can be made to guarantee our schools successes. The Central Finance Team is responsible for ensuring the Trust meets the financial regulatory requirements of the Academies Trust Handbook, as well as both internal and external auditors.

The team centrally processes all financial transactions, from raising purchase orders through to supplier payments and the recording of funding/income. The team works very closely with staff within our schools to ensure efficient processes and compliant record keeping. Our schools have support and access to The Central Finance Team who have a wide range of knowledge and expertise.
Mr Josh Toms

Chief Financial Officer

Mrs Jo Franklin

Trust Management Accountant & Business Support Assistant

Mrs Alison Blease

Trust Management Accountant & Business Support Assistant

Miss Zoe Miller

Finance & Business Support Assistant

Ms Lara Levett

Finance & Business Support Assistant

Mrs Charlene McClure

Finance & Business Support Assistant

Mrs Stephanie Yates

Finance & Business Support Assistant


Working with the IT teams across the Trust, our Network Manager provides support and advice in all areas of IT and communications. Maintaining and improving IT systems can be challenging, however our team remains committed to finding solutions and improvements and making the most of new innovations.

Mr John McDermott – Trust Network Manager


Overseeing the site teams located at each school, our Premises Manager works with the teams to maintain buildings as well as outside spaces and identify areas for improvement.
Mr Lester Henderson

Trust Premises Manager