Welcome to the Roseland Multi-Academy Trust

I am delighted to welcome you to The Roseland Multi-Academy Trust (TRMAT), a family of academies where everyone succeeds. Our aim in these pages is to provide you with an overview of the schools associated with the Trust.

The Roseland Multi-Academy Trust where everyone succeeds

Reach - Together - Grow

Our Vision and Values

TRMAT is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for the local people of The Roseland Peninsula and surrounding areas and is working hard to deliver outstanding education for students from pre-school right up to age 16.

Due to the unique geographical area of the Roseland Peninsula close links have been formed over many years between the primary schools and the secondary school. The formation of TRMAT will enable these close working partnerships to continue and strengthen. Students progressing through from the primary schools to the secondary will experience a seamless transition through familiarity with staff and premises and it is hoped over time, through a more integrated curriculum.

To put it simply, imagine being provided with a blank canvas to design the best possible educational experience for children on the Roseland Peninsula. It would have to involve as close a partnership between the schools that provide primary and secondary education as possible. Our defining principle is to improve the outcomes of all the children in our care. This is the vision of TRMAT – a shared and exciting journey for every member of our community.

Reach - Widening Horizons From 2 to 16
Together - A seamless Learning Journey
Grow - Inspiring and opening Minds

Our Schools

The Roseland Academy

We are a small rural secondary school with high aspirations and big ideas. The Roseland Academy is a strong community that works together and in which every member supports each other. The fact that we know and understand all of our students as well as we do enables us to forge a unique environment where everyone flourishes. We are proud of the exceptional progress made by the students in our care.

Gerrans School

Gerrans is an energetic, progressive and ambitious learning community. We are committed to providing an excellent education for all our children and are very proud of the heartfelt and cheerful atmosphere which permeates through the school. Our belief is that the key to our success is the quality of relationships and the high level of care which exists between all members of the school community.

Tregony Community Primary School

Tregony School is a special place where children’s learning is valued and their knowledge, creativity, experience, imagination, self-expression, and understanding can flourish. We provide a foundation for life in a happy, safe, successful school, where all individuals have high expectations of themselves, respect each other and strive to do their very best.

TRMAT Development plan for 2016/2017 Academic Year

  • Develop strong and effective governance.
  • Create consistency of standards for teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Promote benefits of primary into secondary and vice versa.
  • Develop working relationships between staff in the MAT.
  • Develop a rigorous and effective school improvement partnership.
  • Develop a consistent approach to behaviour for learning.
  • Achieve efficient and effective use of resources.
  • Create new collaborative student experiences.


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