Tregony Community Primary School

Our Vision

“Start, strive, struggle, succeed, smile!’

Here at Tregony we embrace all that is new in Education, along with the basic skills which we know work. We encourage children to understand that making mistakes is where real learning takes place, helping them to develop resilience rather than give up.  With this, our pupils learn to persevere and develop an inquiring mind, applying this approach to all opportunities presented and every aspect of the curriculum. Our staff share and model a similar ethos regarding their own professional development, constantly reflecting on practice and seeking new ideas. We like to impress upon our young people that learning doesn’t begin and end with the school day but that it is a lifelong attitude and we view our parents as partners in the learning process.

The whole child is nurtured by providing opportunities to explore a wide range of enrichment activities like music, sport and performing arts. We offer children a brief experience of both city life, and life under canvas, on our school residential trips.  Differences are celebrated and children learn about tolerance and acceptance, treating each other with mutual respect. This is combined with excellent, high quality teaching which allows each individual to develop their full academic potential.


Our values

  • Follow instructions with thought and care
  • Care for everyone and everything
  • Show good manners at all times

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