Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning is our passion and it defines our Trust.

Our Teaching & Learning development happens in two layers: within each individual school and collaboratively across the whole trust.  You will access a programme of events structured and planned to match your school’s improvement focus.  At the same time, you will also access structured events matched to the whole trust improvement focus.

There is an array of initiatives you can be part of, for example Teaching & Learning Bites: scheduled events open to a wide range of staff to share best practice examples linked to specific topics, or our T&L Forum, or joint INSET days for departments and/or all schools together.

We are really proud of developing a deeper trust wide collaboration for specific roles, such as for Exam Officers, SENCos, T&L Leads, Induction Tutors, Department Leads, Pastoral Leads, Site Team Supervisors, administrators and more. This aspect has been pivotal in sharing leadership skills, driving for improvement across all the schools and working together more closely.

We are ambitious for all our students and staff. On top of our inhouse offer we also seek developmental opportunities provided by the latest educational gurus and researchers.  As an example, we follow The Rosenshine’s Principles in Construction.  We are really excited about recently purchasing Walkthrus T&L CPD. This means that all classroom based staff, across all five schools, irrespective of their teaching experience or their current role, will be able to access a totally personalised professional development course as well as join in trust wide professional development sessions following this exciting programme over time.

We follow the Education Endowment Foundation for updates and tips to support all our students. We hold the latest research in high regard. We seek it to adapt our approaches to improvement. Our engagement with the Associate Research School and Education Endowment Foundation empowers us to maintain the highest quality of education for all.

We seek opportunities to take part in global educational events. As such, for the first time, we will be able to benefit from the World Ed Summit, as part of our professional development plan into the next academic year.