Treviglas Academy

Our school has developed a culture where all students receive individual, tailored attention from teachers and staff who know them well. Our team work closely with each student to enable them to meet their potential and we provide outstanding pastoral support so that students can thrive. We inspire our students to try new things in the classroom, on the sports field and in the creative and performing arts, broadening their experience and ensuring that every student has the opportunity to develop and discover new talents.

We want and expect all our students to respect others, work hard and be successful.  To ensure that we achieve this, our students will enjoy school, feel safe, behave appropriately and expect success.  We strongly believe in giving our students the best possible start in life and we expect no excuses in relation to this.

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Our Values

We want our students to respect others, work hard and to be successful.  Success means academic qualifications that by the age of 18 will allow them to go to University or follow a career of their choice.

To achieve this we adhere to the following principles:

High expectations

  • We strongly believe that with the right attitude, support and teaching all of our students can succeed
  • We set  high expectations for all our students and expect them to meet them

Excellent teaching 

  • In school the teachers have the biggest influence on student achievement. We provide our teachers with a framework called the Tools for Improvement in which to teach and we expect all of our staff to follow this
  • We provide excellent support and CPD for our teachers

Valuing and knowing every student and family 

  • We know that our students do best when our staff and families work together.  We regularly monitor student progress and inform parents about their child’s targets and progress
  • We realise that we need to create a safe, happy and supportive environment to ensure student success

Appropriate curriculum

  • We believe that if our students have a secure grasp of English and mathematics, they will find the rest of their subjects easier.  That’s why we have more English and mathematics lessons than other subjects. Our curriculum across all our Key Stages prepares students to fulfill their aspirations

A culture of support

  • We realise the importance of ensuring that our students and staff enjoy school, feel safe and expect success.  Although we have high expectations for everyone in Treviglas Academy, we have developed a culture of support and cohesion.