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Roseland Music Academy Summer Showcase

Roseland Music Academy

Well done to everyone who took part in our Roseland Music Academy summer showcase, which took place at Truro Methodist Church on Monday 9 July.This celebration of young musical talent included fantastic performances by our Junior Choir, Roseland Voices, Roseland Youth Orchestra, and new boys' singing group - and also featured Year 5 pupils from partner primary schools Tregony, Gerrans and Probus! All the performers have been taking part in our EMI Anniversary Music Project this year - please click on the link below to hear more about this inspiring project, which has been generously funded by our sponsor, EMI Music Sound Foundation.

Posted by The Roseland Academy on Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Celebrating EMI Music Projects

Well done to everyone who took part in our Roseland Music Academy summer showcase, which took place at Truro Methodist Church on Monday 9th July! This celebration of young musical talent included fantastic performances by our Junior Choir, Roseland Voices, Roseland Youth Orchestra, and new boys singing group - and also featured Year 5 pupils from partner primary schools Tregony, Gerrans and Probus. All the performers have been taking part in our EMI Anniversary Music Project this year - watch this video to hear more about this inspiring project, which has been generously funded by our sponsor, EMI Music Sound Foundation.

Our Joint Activities for 2017

We have enjoyed a number of shared The Roseland Multi-Academy Trust (TRMAT) events events since our launch which have benefited the students and staff of our three schools. These have included Y6 Classes at the Roseland during the summer and collaborative events such as World Book Day and British Science Week. At the start of the academic year,  staff of TRMAT met and planned a number of exciting developments and opportunities for the coming terms.

Here you can see a selection of events we have held for our students over the past year.

British Science Week

Celebrating this important week in the school calendar has become a Roseland speciality, every year bigger, better and more spectacular. This year the Science Department certainly did not disappoint and we were pleased to invite our MAT partners to take part in the celebrations!

TRMAT Textiles Lessons

This week we launched an exciting new initiative for one of our MAT  students at Tregony Primary School. Miss Sophie Capron of The Roseland’s Design, Performance and Technology Department will be visiting weekly to deliver an exciting programme of practical Textiles and Design Technology lessons. Accompanied by some very capable student helpers, Miss Capron taught a range of practical textiles skills. She reported a wonderful response from the students and was impressed by their thirst for learning new skills. We look forward to this project developing over the next term. Many thanks to Miss Capron and her helpers for this fantastic project!

National Poetry Day

Year 5, 6 and 7 students from across our MAT schools joined forces to share and celebrate the joys of poetry on October 6th. The session began with wonderful poetry readings on the theme of messages from our new Year 7s, then Year 6s from Miss Worledge’s class at Tregony school bravely read too.

Next, students worked in mixed groups to create their own poems based around the theme of messages. It was fantastic to see everyone getting stuck in and sharing such creative interpretations of the brief. We had humorous poems, messages of advice, poems inspired by the image of a message in a bottle and much more.

We finished our session with group readings of the impressive creative work the students produced and fun was had by all. Thank you to our MAT students and colleagues for joining and supporting us to celebrate National Poetry Day!

In other news, Ms Knight’s Year 9 students were inspired to take the theme of messages in a different direction and shared all kinds of messages to staff and students throughout the day in the form of Poetry telegrams!

TRMAT World Book Day Event

The Roseland Multi Academy Trust (TRMAT) marked its launch with a spectacular cross-curricular workshop celebrating World Book Day. An array of activities involving both secondary and primary students from the MAT demonstrated just how important reading and literacy are across the curriculum.

Over 30 students took part in our sponsored Readothon where students committed to a marathon of reading from 9 until 3 o’clock, many dresses as their favourite book characters and heroes.

DEAR: Drop Everything and Read happened throughout the day: every time the bell rang you could hear a pin drop across the whole school as all students and staff immersed themselves into the pages of their stories. The enthusiasm for reading was evident throughout the day.

All tutor groups completed a quiz focusing on novels known and published around the world. The winners to be announced early next week.

In modern foreign languages students explored stories and fairy tales in Spanish and French. Keep a look out for the photos of the Spanish short tales written by our students! Coming soon.

And the biggest event? Primary MAT pupils from Gerrans and Tregony exploring ‘Global Legends’ together with their secondary peers. The pupils formed mixed groups and were led by Y8 Secondary Leaders. The leaders read a short legend from across the world to their younger team members and then, after some discussion and planning, each group together and collaboratively came up with their way of re-telling the story. Over 60 primary pupils took part in this workshop and the atmosphere throughout was absolutely amazing! You could see a colourful parade of story characters as all pupils made a special effort to dress up for the World Book Day. The courage of our young pupils to read out loud in front of a different audience, their creative ideas to design puppets, their zeal to rehearse an outstanding dramatic performance in a totally new environment whilst meeting new young people and coping with so many new things on many levels were outstanding. A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone who took part.

This initiative showed how much students enjoy working cross-phase together and also how competent all young learners can be when given new opportunities and where there are no boundaries to creativity. The event was a fitting launch to our exciting shared future as a Multi Academy Trust.

European Day of Languages – TRMAT Event: Languages Marathon Around The World

Year 5 and Year 6 Tregony pupils joined Mrs Chanter for an entirely different language lesson.

Pupils deepened their awareness of languages through a range of activities encapsulating Cornish and Russian.

For starters pupils had to match up ‘Hello’ in ten different languages, such as Greek, Swedish, Chinese, Italian etc. This deepened their observation skills and analytical thinking.

Since we live in the middle of beautiful Cornwall, deepening understanding of our own heritage through practising Cornish greetings is highly relevant to The Roseland community ethos. Learning through drama and games made even the tricky ‘Gorthuher da!’ Good Evening look easy.

Learning Russian numbers 1-10 through aural approach proved highly successful and pupils were quickly able to recite the numbers with fantastic pronunciation. This was embedded through a range of kinaesthetic games.

And, to challenge the pupils further, we practised Russian handwriting as well.

The time ran out for us to explore Czech, nevertheless, the pupils themselves, having returned to their school, learnt about ‘Krtek’, ‘Little Mole’, Mrs Chanter’s childhood cartoon hero and many brought evidence of this on Open Evening.

Tregony pupils: Thank you for coming to us as I had fabulous time racing with languages across the world with you. Your behaviour was impeccable, your enthusiasm and zeal were inspiring and you demonstrated superbly the growth mindset to maintain ambition.

We cannot wait for you to join us again!      Mrs Chanter