Gerrans School

Gerrans is a very small rural Primary School on the Roseland Peninsula. We see learning as being a never ending journey which continues beyond primary school into adulthood. On this journey, learners may travel on different modes of transport, making different stops on route on different tracks.

All learners are taught how to and encouraged to take ownership of their learning by identifying both next steps and potential barriers. Mistakes are seen as stepping stones to learning.

We encourage each learner to develop resilience rather than give up and to engage in the curriculum with an inquiring mind. We like parents to share the journey of learning with their child.  Being a small school, with an established staff, the needs and interest of every learner, is considered in curriculum planning, delivery and resourcing. We aim to provide a curriculum which gives opportunity for practical engagement and real life experiences as well as learning environments which are both stimulating, safe and fun.

We acknowledge that not every learner has the same needs and teaching is adapted to the learner, not the learner to the teaching. We value the development of the whole child and provide opportunities for every child to succeed, physically, socially, creatively as well as academically.
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Gerrans Very Golden Values

 Our Golden Values were written and agreed by all the pupils and staff of Gerrans School.

  • We are Gentle and Kind
  • We   Encourage each other
  • We Respect others and property
  • We are Resilient learners
  • We are Always truthful and trustworthy
  • We are a Nurturing environment
  • We are Supersonic

These very golden values reflect the learning atmosphere we wish to create within our school.