Falmouth School

At Falmouth School we believe in high expectations and high standards. We set challenging targets for students and we encourage and support them to achieve their targets. Over the past 3 years we have consistently achieved results that place us as one of the top schools in Cornwall, please see the results section of the website for more details. We believe in a culture of excellence whereby we expect the best of everyone, whether students or staff. Considerable professional development time is spent ensuring that our staff employ the most effective methods, drawn from research, to encourage the best learning outcomes possible from our students. We expect our students to be ‘Ready to Learn’, by attending school, being equipped and focussed on learning and taking responsibility for their own development. We have a behaviour support structure that allows teachers to deal quickly and efficiently with any low level disruption with minimum interruption to the learning process. We expect students to behave respectfully so that everyone can achieve their potential and misbehaviour has clear sanctions. Our uniform policy encourages students to dress smartly and we enforce our uniform rules to ensure this. We expect students to attend school every day, absence affects progress and so must be avoided whenever possible.

Visit our school website: https://www.falmouth.co.uk/

Students leave our post-16 College to attend a variety of universities including those of the Russell group, and also our vocational pathways lead students into apprenticeships and employment.

We continually seek new partnerships to offer our students the best education. This has led to productive partnerships with Falmouth and Exeter universities, Cornwall Marine Network and other local businesses. Students can use state of the art facilities and have access to experts in a range of disciplines. Falmouth School offers a broad and balanced curriculum with a range of optional subjects available. Students are expected to work collaboratively in lessons and complete homework as directed. There are many opportunities to seek additional help and support after school at our ‘Masterclass’ and ‘Back on Track’ sessions, as well as the numerous other enrichment activities.

We are blessed with a fabulous school site in extensive grounds in beautiful part of Cornwall. Falmouth is regularly identified in the media as one of the best places to live in the UK. We take pride in our site and work hard to develop and maintain the school facilities for the benefit of the whole community. Our most recent venture has been the development of an all-weather pitch and Sports Hub. This impressive development will provide a focus for sport for everyone in the area.